Fab’entech’s solutions are based on the production of polyclonal antibodies.
These antibodies replace those that the patient has not had time to produce naturally.
They recognise then neutralise the virus or toxin in only a few minutes, thereby stopping disease’s progression.

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Polyclonal antibodies

Unlike monoclonal antibodies that attack the virus by targeting a very limited region, polyclonal antibodies attack the virus on several fronts. This allows polyclonal antibodies to remain effective even after virus mutation. Polyclonal antibodies can neutralise a large number of potential variants.

This has notably been demonstrated with the Fab’entech product, Fabenflu®, a polyclonal antibody treatment for the highly pathogenic avian flu virus H5N1, which has the capacity to neutralise more than 20 viral strains from different clades.

To develop these polyclonal antibodies, Fab’entech rigorously selects high-quality antigens to obtain strongly neutralising antibodies.

Lastly, the efficacy of the polyclonal antibodies developed by Fab’entech has been demonstrated on several acute viral diseases: the H5N1 influenza, the Ebola haemorrhagic fever and more recently COVID-19, but also on severe intoxications, proving that these products are particularly well suited to the treatment of medical emergencies.

A safe, recognised and tested technology

Fab’entech’s know-how is based on a safe and tested technology, initially developed by Sanofi Pasteur and enhanced for more than 10 years by the Research & Development teams at Fab’entech. Fab’entech combines the knowledge and experience of a large pharmaceutical company with the agility and innovation of a biotech. Fab’entech has already proven with Fabenflu® that its products are safe in H5N1 patients and has over a decade of expertise in the development of treatments against emerging infectious diseases and bioterror threats. 

Production d'anticorps polyclonaux
traitement contre le covid fabentech