Fab’entech has its own industrial site which allows it to purify polyclonal antibodies for use in the production of its treatments.
Our industrial, quality assurance and research and development teams make Fab’entech an innovative pharmaceutical company. Fab’entech is furthermore one of the only European biotechs able to produce this type of treatment allowing a rapid response in emergency situations.
Control over the entire value chain by Fab’entech enables it to strengthen national sovereignty.

National sovereignty

Fab’entech is therefore to date one of the only biotechs in Europe in a position to produce polyclonal antibodies and have control over the entire chain of production in France.

For this reason, Fab’entech has been selected in the CAPACITY recovery plan. The project aims to optimise and increase Fab’entech’s industrial capacities in order to accelerate the availability of the first polyclonal immunoglobulin treatment against COVID-19, and to reinforce national and European independence in the face of pandemic threats. This investment will also contribute to supporting the local economic development and will create direct employment opportunities.